Carmine Giovinazzo stars as Scott, a somewhat stable voice of reason whose direct-to-camera narration offers a unique insight to three rowdy rappin' roommates who call themselves Shasta.Giovinazzo's road to Hollywood was circuitous, at best. Ever since he was a child growing up in Staten Island, New York, he dreamed of playing professional baseball. While his talent landed him a scholarship to college and an invitation to practice with the Chicago Cubs, his hopes of being drafted into the minors were dashed when a back injury put him permanently out of the game.Before his final semester of college, Giovinazzo paid a visit to his cousins, actor Larry Romano ("King of Queens") and director Buddy Giovinazzo, in Los Angeles. Buddy gave him a bit part in his movie "No Way Home" and after an industry screening of the film, Giovinazzo was approached by a talent manager who sent him to an audition for the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" pilot. He landed the part in the pilot and soon thereafter headed to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time acting career.

On the big screen, Giovinazzo had leading roles in several independent films including the dark, gangster comedy "Fallen Arches" and the film noir short "Coffee Table Murder", which he has co-adapted into a feature length script. In 1998, he earned critical praise for his supporting role in the gay romantic comedy, "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss", and has since completed the independent film "The Learning Curve", a Bonnie & Clyde-esque love story premiering at the Montreal Film Festival and to be released by Motion Picture Corporation of America. He can also be seen in "The Big Brass Ring", a Showtime original starring William Hurt and Nigel Hawthorne.

This fall, Giovinazzo steps up to the plate once again in Sam Raimi's "For Love of the Game" in which he portrays a rookie ball player who starts out as Kevin Costner's bat boy and ends up his rival. Shasta marks his first starring role in a television series.

In his spare time, Giovinazzo enjoys painting, poetry and playing the guitar. He also likes to play roller hockey, basketball and baseball.

Scott ist der intelligenteste der Jungs und versucht tatsächlich ab und zu seinen Kopf einzuschalten 

und ist sozusagen die Stimme der Vernunft in der Chaos WG.

Gespielt wird Scott von Carmine Giovinazzo, der in Staten Island (New York) aufwuchs und erst durch Umwege zur Schauspielerei gekommen ist. Schon als Kind wollte er unbedingt Baseball-Profi werden, bekam zu Collegezeiten tatsächlich auch ein Stipendium und die Einladung mit den Chicago Cubs zu trainieren, musste aber die vielversprechende Sportler-Karriere aufgrund einer Rückenverletzung aufgeben. Daraufhin besuchte Carmine in Los Angeles seine Cousins, Schauspieler Larry Romano und Regisseur Buddy Giovinazzo, und bekam von Letzterem eine kleine Rolle im Film "No Way Home". Von einem Talent-Scout entdeckt, spielte er danach auch im Piloten zu der Serie "Buffy - die Vampirjägerin" mit. Es folgten noch weitere Rollen, aber Shasta McNasty ist Giovinazzo's Debut in einer Fernsehserie.

Hobbymässig malt er, schreibt Gedichte, spielt Gitarre und ausserdem spielt er noch Basketball, Baseball und Rollerskate-Hockey.



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